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11 August 2016

Competition Time

My dogs can blow (shed) their coats at anytime, sometimes twice yearly, but once during summer is normal.

Gadget's deep luxurious winter coat is ready to shed.
Personally I like it when they all blow their coats together early after the winter season is over (June or July).

Last year was not like that. It was the coldest summer, even by our standards, and the dogs held on to their coats. I was still grooming out old coats in November and the overall weight of groomed out dog hair was down by four kilograms. It will be interesting to see how this year's total weight compares.

We thought it would be fun to see who in the kennel blows the most fur so Jennifer ran up string bags. Each dog has a bag with their name on it to collect what fur is brushed out every time I groom them.

The competition is on.

Brushed out old coats bagged.
For a while Cracker led the way filling his bag quickly with last winter's groomed out coat.

Brushing Cracker's old coat out by the handful.
But Max has overtaken Cracker and now leads. But for how long?

Max leads the competition.
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