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6 October 2016

Raising the Alarm

In the dark at 6 a.m. this morning we had a visitor. The dogs raised the alarm with the distinctive sound they make for only one thing. We knew instantly what was outside.

Looking out the window, Jennifer and I were confronted with a rather large polar bear advancing less than 30 metres from our house. We have had a lot of polar bear sightings over the past few weeks.

It felt so good having the dogs around to warn us at a time when I normally go out for a run. Meeting a polar bear face-to-face might otherwise have spoilt my day.

Polar bears in Ittoqqortoormiit are not uncommon. It would be madness to move dogs away from houses here.

If it was not for the dogs the alarm would not have been raised this morning. Three big cheers for the dogs.

Our visitor's rather large footprints.
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