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12 March 2015

Feet Cushions

Unfortunately I don't have fur between my toes which is a pity. My dogs do. Throughout our polar winters it's feet fur that keeps the frost out.

My dogs' feet also naturally have dense fat in their foot pads that cushions and absorbs the impact of every footfall. My feet do not and nor do yours.

All of our feet have to be maintained to remain healthy and injury free. For my dogs this includes a monthly routine of clipped claws and trimmed pad fur.

And because nature hasn't blessed me with furry padded feet, I must protect them from cold and injury by wearing footwear best suited to what it is I do in the Arctic. For me, nothing cushions and absorbs impact of every footfall like Sorbothane insoles.

Gadget has the furry padded feet. Gary has the Sorbothane insoles.
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