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16 October 2014

Worth More Than Treasure

Before the recent storms and heavy snowfall a surprise envelope containing letters, cards, origami and drawings arrived on the weekly mail plane. It had taken over a month to get here and was from three of my nieces: Millie (almost 13), Flo (almost 11) and Hester (6). They were lovely thank you letters for a few things I had sent them.

Hester wasn't even born the last time I was in England. But letters and parcels are sent between us all and sometimes when I phone their parents one of the girls answers and we chat away.

In less than one month the sun will not rise above the horizon again until next year so Jennifer made the most of the daylight to take some pictures. Max (4) was very interested in Hester's portrait of him (pictured below).

Mikkey (8¼) was intrigued with Millie's origami snowy owl and thought it was very realistic.

Flo's portrait (pictured below) didn't come with a dog's name but I knew instantly that it was Loads (8) my main lead dog.

Something someone has made with their imagination and hard work, and given their time to send as a gift, is is worth more than treasure. Thank you Millie, Flo and Hester for your lovely letters, cards, origami and pictures; we loved them all.

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