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16 April 2015

New Petzl Sirocco Helmet

Today we have brilliant sunshine without a breath of wind. Hopefully the very worst of winter weather is now behind us, but I wouldn't bet on it. It's incredible that this winter's seven hurricanes left no lasting damage behind, including that to my head. I am the careful type.

I now have a Petzl Sirocco helmet (size 2) to save me from being knocked out and left for dead in the snow when checking on my dogs during storms and hurricanes. Petzl's Sirocco ultra-lightweight helmet is for climbers and mountaineers, so I am not exactly the targeted user, which just goes to show climbing hardware has many applications. I use quite a lot of kit from Lyon Equipment including carabiners, ropes, ice screws, headlamps and crevasse rescue gear all of which enables me and my dogs to perform safely to the best of our ability.

My new Petzl Sirocco helmet.
With the welcome return of the sun and a string of calm days, it would be hard for anyone not used to living here to imagine the ferocity and length of the storms we have had this winter. It would also be hard to imagine the workload involved in going about the daily routine for dog welfare. With dogs to care for, in my book, holing up inside the house is not an option during storms and hurricanes.

Before my new Sirocco helmet I used to wear an old German helmet weighing one kilo to protect my noggin from airborne rocks, stones and ice. At the time it was that or a biscuit tin.

My re-cycled German helmet.
Petzl's Sirocco helmet weighs only 165 grams, doesn't wobble about and is very comfortable to wear. I can also wear it without the fear of being shot at.

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