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30 October 2015

The Shopping List

Buying six tonnes of dog food is our biggest yearly expense.

Since the dog food can only come in on the supply ship the financial plan to pay the dog food bill is like having to fork out for your entire mortgage for the year in a single day. Years ago, when I lived on my own, to pay for dog food meant I didn't always have food for myself.

As with my dogs, Jennifer and I know how much of every food item we each eat in one year. Over the years there have been a couple of mistakes, such as ordering enough coffee to last six years instead of one. And we now have enough chick-peas and lentils to last the pair of us for the rest of our lives. It's a shame that error was not for canned baked beans. I adore baked beans. I've not seen a single baked bean for ages. This has happened before and I did something about it.

Years ago I started to dehydrate my own expedition food using a machine from UK Juicers. By no stretch of the imagination can I be described as mechanically minded (I don’t even use a mobile phone) but dehydrating food is easy. If I can do it so can you.

Dehydrating my own expedition meals and determining what goodness goes into them makes for a healthy body and mind. It also reduces sled payload. For example, 420 grams of baked beans (without the tin) dehydrates down to 104 grams in weight. A general rule is that whatever food you dehydrate will come out weighing one third of the original weight.

My dehydrated baked beans.
My friend Alison often asks if there's anything I want sending out apart from baked beans. Alison knows all about me and beans and has one of my dehydrating machines because she lives where baked beans are plentiful (London, England). The amount of baked beans Alison has kindly dehydrated for me over the years is considerable.

Which is good because knowing what it feels like to go without food is something you never forget.

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