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26 May 2016

Get Protected

Do it long and hard enough and you are bound to get hurt along the way. The idea is to gather wisdom from the pain to live a better day.

Snow blindness is severe conjunctivitis caused to eyes unprotected from ultraviolet (UV) light. It is a condition that leaves eyes with miserable burning gritty pain you think will never end, like they're being repeatedly stabbed with millions of hot glass shards. It worsens with every eye blink, leaving eyes impossible to open against light. Left untreated eyes bleed. Experience it and you'll do everything possible to make sure the nightmare never reoccurs. This is how it left me feeling nearly 20 years ago, my one and only time to suffer this horrid affliction. The wisdom gained on that occasion was, the pain could have been prevented.

There is some journey equipment that must be readily available and accessible at all times including two medical kits; dog and human. In the kits are drops to diminish snow blindness inflammation and pain (picture below).

Oxybuprocaine Hydrochloride, snow blindness relief.
Although I carry snow blindness treatment drugs year in year out, they expire unused because I now take the best precaution by wearing best quality snow goggles and sunglasses.

To protect my eyes against prolific tear flow from snow spin drift I wear goggles and since 24-hour summer daylight has a tendency to burn out retinas I wear sunglasses. I need goggles and sunglasses that can work in cold 24-hour dark polar winters and 24-hour summer daylight. So I choose to wear ones from Julbo.

To select goggles and sunglasses is a serious undertaking where I live. Even babies wear category 4 sunglasses or goggles.

Don't take healthy eyes for granted. There's no buying a new pair.

Eyes protected from harmful UV light.
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