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6 April 2017

What My 406 Beacon Frees Me To Do

This winter, training new lead dogs absorbs much of our time. Together with my dogs, we find adventurous routes high up in the mountains of Greenland. Up and down we go. We are always alone; nobody heads up there for purpose or fun, except us.

It's a great feeling to be out on sea ice or up in the mountains but they are dangerous places where the weather and surface conditions can turn nasty, very quickly. Some days we are forced to stay at home. This March, 13 days’ wind speeds were in excess of 100 mph.

In my experience it's always best to plan for the worst.

Alternating lead dogs in the wilderness, a long way from home.
Winter or summer, I never leave home without an ACR 406 MHz personal location beacon (PLB) on my belt kit because nobody is immune from accidents. It is a device smaller than a mobile phone but works where phone signals do not.

My ACR PLB frees me for adventure with my dogs.

Only in the worst-case scenario will I flip the switch on my ACR PLB. Many years ago I did have to flip the switch, and survived. Thank goodness for ACR.

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