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21 December 2013

Castles, Burning Oil And Pirate Ships

How time flies by. Born in June, the Little Shockers (Gimme, Wanna, Thriller and Peach) are now six months old.

Holding newborn whelp Gimme.
Within their first month of life the litter was already looking for adventure.

Early July adventure for Gimme,Wanna, Thriller and Peach.
By October the adventures became more serious and we would walk behind our house to the mountains where sow polar bears come inland to den and have their cubs.

Walking the Little Shockers in October.
The video below was taken in early November in the last week of daylight. With a ready, steady, go, the Little Shockers hurtle down the bank gaining speed all the way until four furry and excited rockets propel themselves up the frozen river along a flat, rocky section I call Zoom Street.

With a change of direction, they know off by heart, we reach the base of Ittoqqortoormiit’s North Face of the Eiger; well, since I could never be called a mountaineer, that is what it feels like to me. This is where the video starts. The puppies scale the Eiger with ease and upon the summit there is no time to spare because Old Bone Valley must be reached, and so the race is on (between the puppies) to see who reaches it first. I named it Old Bone Valley because for some reason there are lots of bones in it, which the puppies love. Nobody else walks there so the bones will probably stay put until they become fossils.

Again for the excited puppies there is no time to be lost and the signal is soon given between themselves to advance on to higher ground that I have always imagined to be a castle. From it, my memory takes me back to childhood adventures when shooting arrows and pouring imaginary boiling oil down from castle turrets on to my friends was a daily occurrence.

In the video Gimme, Wanna, Thriller and Peach head toward you with a slither of sun behind them as they urgently run below the imaginary castle turrets (out of shot) down and along the burning deck of a pirate ship as if yelling, “abandon ship, abandon ship”. As a child, I played and played like the puppies until the sun would go down and it was time to go home.

Now we are in the depths of the dark polar winter when the sun does not rise above the horizon. We have had heavy snowfalls which is good. But, for the third time this winter high winds have swept away the local Ittoqqortoormiit sea ice. Not good. The weather forecasting, as usual, was excellent and hunters out for musk-ox were able to return safely in time before the ice they had travelled over was swept away.

All these happenings are new to the Little Shockers and everyday they have that delightful look that says it is great to be alive. It will still be another six months before they experience their deepest desire, to be in harness for the first time. Life just seems to get better and better.

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