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9 July 2012

Spring To Summer Run

Last July I wrote Running Ground as a small insight to where and how I train. This year (as usual) we will not be without snow and ice as July moves into August.

Despite the sledding season coming to an end I continue my own fitness regime as our spring leads into summer. There are no roads to train on, just rocky trails that require careful footing over crunching ice on still frosty mornings. And there's always the anticipation of a bear around the next corner.


This footage was shot in the exact spot where I came across a polar bear cub and mother last summer as they investigated minke whale bones; all that was left of a successful and important hunt for the subsistence hunters and their families.

I am thankful my present runs take me past hunters with high calibre rifles behind their blinds watching for seals. Soon they will be netting Arctic char.

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