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25 December 2011

I Think It's A Tulip

I am proud to call Ittoqqortoormiit my home. With it comes a sense of belonging and peace I have never experienced anywhere else in the world. It’s not just like that at Christmas; it’s like it all year. People help, watch and care for each other. There is an atmosphere of what village life must have been like one hundred years ago. Christmas is magical here. On my running route yesterday the sweet smell of baking wafted as I took in all the waving, chatting, handshaking and smiling. People were walking through the snow on their way to deliver wrapped present surprises.

It has been nearly three years since I have seen trees or smelt garden flowers. Some flower bulbs were set and flown in before Christmas for us to enjoy their glorious blooms. The lovely petal colours have made me smile and remind me of my Mum.

I think it's a tulip
Life is precious. Mums give us life. When I was a kid my Mum never held me back. This must have been very hard because I was terribly boisterous and always getting into mischief. This spirit was left to thrive, to live life to the full. I ran myself for two hours today and later out running my dogs tonight through snowfall up in the hills behind my house I thought back to my Christmases as a kid when circumstances were sometimes very difficult. But Mum made them special times. On my return I telephoned my Mum and told her how much I love her.

We had so many wonderful presents kindly sent to us from family and friends that were also flown in before Christmas. Over the years I have collected model dog sleds as well as my old hunter sleds. For Christmas Jennifer gave me a wonderful one made by a friend of ours, Steen Pike. The model is 1:10 scale and in the picture (below) I have placed a .30-06 bullet to the side to give you a better idea of the sled's size. It is an amazing miniature and detailed in every way to an authentic full-size east Greenlandic sled. The .30-06 bullet is for Jennifer's new rifle. With this polar bear stopper, she can now safely venture further from home hiking and skijoring with dogs I retire for sled dog adventures of her own when I am not at home.

Scale model of an Ittoqqortoormiit dog sled
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