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16 October 2011

Hurricane Number Two

The weather-station predicted big winds today. And they were right again.

With wind speeds topping 150 kilometres per hour we’ve experienced our second hurricane this year. Cups and glasses were dancing a lively jig on the shelves inside my house.

In this video, shot from inside the house, I was clearing snow from outside the window so I could keep an eye on my dogs. The wind rippled my cheeks and clattered my head even though I was in the lee of the wind. My dogs were in better shape than I was. I worry to death about them when the wind is like that. They were fine.

While outside I also snapped off the icicles from the roof of my house preventing the spear-like projectiles from potentially impaling my dogs. I worry a lot.

It was also the second hurricane of the year for my champion Rab Expedition Windsuit, Cebe peeper protecting goggles and my blazing Petzl headlamp, which helped guide me when I checked my dogs in the early hours of the morning.

I have up-graded my Rab Expedition Windsuit and now call it my Expedition Hurricane Suit.

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