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19 September 2011

Birthday Snow

Today, last year’s litter is one year old.

There has not been a shortage of seal blubber or whale meat to eat. Stunner now weighs 28.5 kg, Proper 37.8 kg, Max 38.1 kg and Blimey 44.1 kg.

It has been a splendid summer. Welcomed visitors are now long gone but have left us with memories of pleasant conversations and good company. Even looking back at all the hard work and all that had to be achieved has left behind a good feeling.

It has snowed at least one day of every month this year but the birthday snow meant summer was really over. Winter is coming. Now life gets really interesting.

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  1. Yearlings look great Gary

  2. Hi,

    Thanks. Yes they do look good. This will be their first winter in harness so lots of fun to come shortly.