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20 February 2011

February - The Sunday Times

Matthew Campbell writes in The Sunday Times about Gary, the dramatic dog rescue and hurricane-force winds hitting Ittoqqortoormiit.

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  1. Read the ST article. Fascinating. You have one helluva of a life there and I can't help but wonder how you all get through some days.
    Interesting when you talk about how suited your dogs are to the environment, perhaps people here forget how adaptable we can all be to nature

  2. Dear Del,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Life has a habit of delivering difficult times. We all get them whatever way we choose to lead our lives. I clutch hold of my dream and will never let it go. I love my dogs and will always do whatever it takes to see them safe.

    I’d sooner starve than see them go without.

    Whatever your own dream is, treasure it.

    Best wishes,